Investigation on the sale of 260 thousand vehicles from the Ministry of Treasury and Finance

In the statement made by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, it was stated that necessary investigations and investigations were initiated in order to prevent informality, stocking and unfair price increases in the automotive sector.

In the statement made by the tax inspectors of the ministry, within the scope of combating informality, hoarding and unfair price increases, in 39 provinces, mainly in Istanbul, Mainland, and Izmir; It was noted that work on the sale of 13 distributors, 256 dealers and 260 vehicles has begun.

In the statement of the Ministry, “The information and document request processes regarding the sales transactions of 13 distributors and 256 dealers have been completed. In addition, within the scope of this study, information request letters were sent to 25,000 buyers who purchased vehicles from dealers, and the issue of whether the buyers gave money to the dealers in person was the subject of the research.

In the light of the information received from distributors, vehicle dealers and buyers in 39 provinces, all necessary works and transactions will be carried out quickly by our Ministry regarding those who disrupt the supply and demand balance in the automotive sector and cause unfair price increases, and the imbalances in the automotive sector will be eliminated and cause grievances for our citizens. Necessary sanctions will be applied to those who open it without delay.

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