Invitation to earthquake survivor students from private schools

A joint statement was made by the Turkish Private Schools Association (TÖZOK), All Private Education Institutions Association (TÖDER), Private Education Association (ÖZDER), Special Education-Teaching Association (ÖZDEBİR), Private Education Institutions Association (ÖZKURBİR) and Ankara Education Platform.

In the statement, it was stated that the associations representing the private school sector took action with the founder, teachers, students and parents for emergency aid immediately after the tragic event.

In the statement, it was stated that a great solidarity campaign will be started in which all private schools will participate within their quotas and possibilities.

“We are announcing that we will have our pups who immigrated from the region to various provinces read in our private schools with full scholarships (free of charge, including food-books-education) during the second semester. In this context, we will use an online common platform (will be online soon) where we will announce the guest student quotas of all our private schools that support the campaign. As the educators of Turkey, who work for education and invest in the future of our country, we see it as our mission to contribute in the way we know best in this process. All these processes will be open to the supervision of the Ministry of National Education.

We invite our earthquake victims to our private schools. We see hosting our students in our institutions as an opportunity to alleviate the great pain we feel as a nation in the face of this tragic event.”

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