IPO decision from BigChefs – Bloomberg HT

BigChefs Chairman of the Board Gamze Cizreli, who stated that public offerings will be seen in the service sector as well as in the industry and energy sector, made evaluations about the service sector, food prices and earthquake in the Bloomberg HT broadcast she attended.

Stating that they have decided to go public as BigChefs, Cizreli stated that they are in the approval process this year and said, “The sector is a very profitable sector, and the Deloitte report shows this. From now on, we will see the service sector in public offerings like the industry and energy sector. As the leader of the industry, we want to carry the flag ahead in this regard. We anticipate that the service sector will continue to grow in a transparent, corporate and public manner,” he said.

Deloitte: The industry will grow

Drawing attention to Deloitte’s report, Cizreli stated that the said report reveals that the sector will grow in the next year.

In the report, while it is predicted that the sector will close with 415 billion TL in 2023, it is estimated that the sector will grow by 39.9 percent annually until 2026.

“The increase in the menu is 120 percent”

Stating that there was a 140 percent increase in food prices in 2022, Cizreli said, “Actually, this is not only food, but also energy prices, that is, there was an increase of 185 percent in energy prices. Of course, these are all things that affect our costs. The increase we made to the menu was 120 percent throughout the year 2022,” he said.

Stating that they are trying to keep costs in a certain place with forward-looking purchasing, stocking, that is, a correct supply chain management, Cizreli especially drew attention to the importance of managing the supply chain efficiently.

believes in the African market

Giving information about the investments, Cizreli said that after the German and Belgian markets, they opened a restaurant in Libya, the African market, last week.

“We also believe very much in the African market. In Turkey, we recently opened a new location in Urfa. We will continue to grow in line with our growth plans in 2023,” said Cizreli, regarding what was done in the earthquake zone, and said, “From the first day, we, as all the chiefs, went down to the region with our team, first we made food packages and sent them with trucks from Istanbul. Of course, our first reflex was to fill our stomachs because of our profession. Now we also work for lasting prosperity. Together with the members of TÜRYİD, we started to work on making that Uzun Çarşı of Hatay a prefabricated building in order to raise the tradesmen there again. This weekend is ending, next weekend our tradesmen will settle there and 71 Uzun Çarşı tradesmen will start their production and sales there again,” he said.

Expressing that they are making efforts to keep the gastronomic memory alive with the chefs there, Cizreli said, “Because we believe that if we do these permanent welfare works, migration will stop in the region, employment will be sought and that region will develop again.”

Cizreli said that she succeeded in being included in Forbes Magazine’s list of “50 active female leaders over 50” this year, adding that the world now needs more restorative and agile leaders and women have great duties and roles.

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