İSGOLD will also collect gold with Vakıfbank

ISGOLD Gold Refinery, after collaborating with Ziraat Bank to bring the gold under the pillow into the economy, also made an agreement with Vakıfbank. ISGOLD, which cooperated with Ziraat Bank in April, started to bring the gold of the citizens under the pillow to the economy in 10 branches of Vakıfbank as of December 26, 2022, and in 20 branches since the beginning of the year. Citizens can still physically deliver their gold to 180 Ziraat Bank branches across Turkey. ISGOLD, one of the 5 gold refineries that are members of Borsa Istanbul, is preparing to cooperate with Halkbank, another public bank, in the first months of the new year for the collection of gold under the pillow.

Erdem Aşık, Chairman of the Board of ISGOLD, noted that they have continued to collect the gold under the pillow with 250 jewelers so far. Aşık said, “For us, the safe return of gold to the system is a priority. Working with Turkey’s two largest public banks is one of the biggest indicators of this trust. We want to continue our cooperation with other public banks and important banks of our private sector. Our talks continue. We want to complete our cooperation with three public banks and at least two private banks in the first quarter of the new year.”

Stating that they are working to bring the gold under the pillow to the system safely, as well as to bring the most gold into the economy, Aşık said, “It is estimated that there is 5 thousand tons of gold under the pillow. We are working to bring at least 200 tons of gold into the economy every year. Thus, the annual need of 200 tons of gold imported by our country can be met.

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