Kia/Ağyel: We will sell over 700 electric-only vehicles this year

Kia Turkey General Manager Can Ağyel, who participated in the Automotive Summit 2023 program broadcast on Bloomberg HT, stated that there was a serious change in the automotive industry and that the automotive industry has now entered the electric era.

Stating that there was a 6 percent increase in automobile sales in Turkey last year, Ağyel said, “This year seems to be a record year. We had a good year as Kia. There was a 25 percent increase in sales. Good throughout the year. It is anticipated that there will be a sale,” he said.

There is a serious investment

Stating that the energy used by automobiles has changed, serious investments have been made not only in electricity but also in hydrogen, Ağyel said, “Kia has been investing in electricity for a long time. There is a serious investment, this is the case in terms of batteries. It had committed to selling 14 electric models until 2028. One of the important models of the year will be available in the third quarter,” he said.

Stating that the sector is competitive in the country and technologies are entering the country together with global companies, Ağyel said, “The most important factor in new technologies, especially for electric vehicles, is charging.
This infrastructure has not yet been reached. However, this year, more than 13 thousand charging points will be in service across the country. This year and next year, it looks like a serious head will be made.
Questions such as whether I will go where I can go, how much time will be charged, and how much shorter the charging time will be, come up frequently. I can say that it is possible to fill 80-90 percent between half an hour and an hour, although it varies from vehicle to vehicle. This is also important when considering the long journey. Okay, it’s not like buying a diaper in a minute or two, but in a few years this question will lose its importance. Just like cell phones,” he said.

Stating that it will be seen that charging times will accelerate as technology advances in batteries, Ağyel said that states have provided the necessary support for electric vehicles, especially in Europe and the USA,
He said that incredible campaigns were organized in China.

“I think that the support that started with Togg will be given to many brands in Turkey as well,” said Ağyel, adding that as a company, 21 percent of sales by 2026 and 30 percent of sales by 2030 are targeted to be electric vehicles.

“In 2030, 50 percent of the production will be electric and electric powered vehicles. Last year, a total of 5,500 electric vehicles were sold. This year, a total of 50-55 thousand vehicles, including Togg, Tesla and other brands, are mentioned. “We will sell only electric vehicles,” he said.

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