Lawsuit filed for cancellation of VAT and SCT increase

In the statement made by the Union of Turkish Bar Associations (TBB), it was claimed that the regulation regarding the VAT increase is far from the fair balance principle stipulated in Article 73 of the Constitution, and that it has content that may cause a violation of the right to claim rights and the right to property.

It was argued that the regulation would create an obstacle to the citizen’s right of access to the court, by foreseeing the increase in litigation costs and fees.

It was claimed that the regulation and the basis of the law regarding the increase in the SCT are contrary to Article 73 of the Constitution, which gives the taxation authority to the legislature, and Article 2, which envisages the principle of legal security.

For these reasons, it has been reported that two separate lawsuits have been filed in the Council of State for the annulment and stay of execution of the Presidential Decisions regarding the increase of VAT and SCT amounts.

In the petition, it was also requested to apply to the Constitutional Court for the annulment of the regulations and the annulment of the legal provision on which it was based in terms of the regulation on the increase in SCT.

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