Macron’s ‘international wealth tax’ proposal

Macron, who was a guest of the joint broadcast of RFI, France 24 and Franceinfo, made statements regarding the New Global Financial Pact Summit that will end today in Paris and Russia.

Macron expressed that with this summit, they do not only want to save the planet, but also want to fight poverty and climate change.

Pointing out that the world is going through a “breaking” moment, Macron reminded that two years ago in Paris, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) decided to give special drawing rights to the poorest countries and within this scope, they decided to give approximately 100 billion euros at that time.

Emmanuel Macron noted that they will create a fund for the conservation of biodiversity and forests.

Macron stated that he is in favor of an international wealth tax to be used for this purpose.

Commentary on Russia as a “destabilizing force” in Africa

Evaluating the absence of Russia at the summit, Macron commented that Russia is a destabilizing power in Africa through private militias.

As part of the summit in Paris, Macron announced that Zambia’s debt was restructured and that Senegal had reached an agreement on climate transformation.

Noting that with the Fair Energy Transformation Partnership (JETP) for Senegal, this country can reduce greenhouse gas emissions while continuing to produce, Macron stated that Senegal has committed to increasing its share of renewable energy to 40 percent by 2030.

Emphasizing that they want big developing countries to get out of coal energy, Macron drew attention to the fact that some countries in Europe have reopened their carbon power plants.

Macron stated that the southern hemisphere countries constitute the lungs of the world and are in a reserve position for the world in terms of biodiversity.

Noting that France emits 1 percent of the greenhouse gas worldwide, Macron noted that this rate is 3 to 4 percent for the aviation sector.

Noting that his country produces half of the planes in the world, Macron said, “If we succeed in decarbonizing this sector, we can become a champion in decarbonizing an entire sector.” said.

“Is borrowing from China a problem or a trap for poor countries?” asked a journalist. Asked by Macron, “If it exceeds a certain level, yes.” gave the answer.

President Macron stated that the approaches of African countries to finance their economies are no longer done correctly, adding that the debts of these countries should be restructured.

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