Maersk: Structural damage in question at Iskenderun Port

While the fire that broke out in Iskenderun Port after the earthquakes continued, a statement came from Maersk that the earthquake caused structural damage.

According to Bloomberg’s report, the company stated that the earthquakes had an operational impact on the Iskenderun Port. According to the news, the company will forward the containers to other centers.

“Unfortunately, the port has suffered severe structural damage,” Maersk said in an update to its customers. This has resulted in a complete cessation of all operations until further notice.”

In the update note, “Roads were also greatly affected by the earthquake. Currently, vendors do not move any trucks in and around the area. Due to the situation in Iskenderun, we need to make a destination change for all reservations connected to the port or already at sea.”

“Currently, we plan to forward the containers to nearby centers within operational feasibility or to keep them in transit ports, including Port of Mersin, Port Said,” said Maersk.

After the earthquakes, a fire broke out in the Iskenderun Harbor at night, the cause of which cannot be determined.

In its first statement, Limak Group of Companies stated that there was partial damage at Limakport Iskenderun Port.

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