Mehmet Şimşek sounds on the market – Bloomberg HT

Domestic markets entered a positive atmosphere on the last trading day of the week, due to the expectations that Mehmet Şimşek would enter the cabinet.

index started the day with an increase of 2.9 percent, while the banking index made a premium of nearly 7 percent in the opening section. The downward momentum seen in the risk premium in the last few days continued in the last trading day. The risk premium was drawn up to 564 basis points.

Recently, Mehmet Şimşek’s name has been pronounced frequently.

Ali Can Türkoğlu, General Manager of Bloomberg HT, stated that Mehmet Şimşek’s inclusion in the cabinet is considered certain.

Türkoğlu said, “The name Mehmet Şimşek has been talked about intensely for a week. There have been two meetings before, and it is stated that there was one more meeting. There is information that none of these meetings went negative. There was no denial from either side. There is an expectation that there will be people from Şimşek and other ministries of the economy who can work closely with Şimşek,” he said.

“The fully authorized Minister of Treasury and Finance will be”

In the news of Bloomberg, it was stated that Mehmet Şimşek will be the fully authorized Minister of Treasury and Finance.

According to the news, Şimşek will undertake all the coordination regarding the economy.

According to the information given by the authorities, Mehmet Şimşek wanted to assume an executive duty instead of the Vice Presidential formula, which was frequently brought to the public agenda this week. Thereupon, it was decided that Şimşek would enter the cabinet as the Minister of Treasury and Finance.

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