Mercedes-Benz/Bekdikhan: We aim for transparency in our stocks – Bloomberg HT

This week’s guest of the Automotive Summit 2023 was Mercedes-Benz Automotive Chief Executive Officer Şükrü Bekdikhan.

Bekdikhan said, “When you compare 2022 with this year, the first 4 months seem to be going with great results. There is a market that is 55-57% higher than last year. However, the factors affecting this market were the delayed demand, the prices that we think will rise in the future, the high second-hand prices and the rapid movement of consumers who want to buy every new vehicle. We see that availability will increase further,” he said.

In the program where future trends in the automotive industry were discussed, Bekdikhan said, “We aim to offer two important advantages to consumers. We are currently in the testing and development phase. We want to be able to show all our stocks to consumers transparently. We aim to ensure that consumers living in Erzurum, Samsun or Antalya can access all stocks at the same rate. One of the important parts of the change and transformation we intend to offer is price fixing; we say that the consumer will get the same price wherever he goes. We believe that when we provide transparency in both stock and price, we can move the consumer experience to a better point.”

Bekdikhan said, “We can describe today’s cars as walking computers. There are smart devices and we have products with very high computer capacity. The biggest feature of these products is their ability to connect to the internet: We attach great importance to services integrated with smart devices.”

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