Meta Verified launches in Australia and New Zealand


Paid “blue tick” verification for Meta, Instagram and Facebook users Meta Verified judicial approved subscription servicewhat in Australia and New Zealand started.

Subscription, verified tag, advanced access, Dbetter protection, access to customer support and Facebook with Offer custom stickers on Instagramhe sleeps.

A Meta heTo purchase an authorized plan, users must be over 18, have a history of recent activity such as posting, and have a profile photo that matches their official ID. Currently, Meta does not allow subscribers to change their profile name, username, date of birth or profile picture without unsubscribing and reapplying.

Meta Verified$11.99 per month on the web for individual and professional accounts and $14.99 per month on iOS or Android a paid plan is offered as

KUsers need to purchase separate plans for Instagram and Facebook and currently only buy web plan for Facebookhe can get off. So if you want to buy Meta Verified for both platforms, 27 per month You have to pay in dollars.

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