Minimum wage statement from TİSK – Bloomberg HT

In his assessment today, TİSK President Özgür Burak Akkol said, “We are waiting for the commission work tomorrow. We are in dialogue with our public institutions. We are in consultation with all members of the working class. Our view is to complete this process quickly with a tripartite agreement. My personal desire is to complete the process before the holiday.”

Akkol stated that they want the continuation of employer support up to 6 percent of the gross minimum wage.

The Minimum Wage Determination Commission, consisting of workers, employers and government representatives, will hold its first meeting at 14:00 tomorrow as part of the work to determine the interim increase rate to the minimum wage. At the meeting, the parties will discuss current economic data.

The minimum wage is applied as a gross monthly income of 10 thousand 8 lira for a worker, and 8 thousand 506 lira and 80 kuruş net when taxes and deductions are deducted.

The total cost of the minimum wage to the employer is 11 thousand 759 lira and 40 cents for a worker. 10 thousand 8 liras of this is the gross minimum wage, 1551 liras 24 cents for social security premium, 200 liras 16 cents for employer unemployment insurance fund.

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