Minister Institution: 534 thousand independent sections will be demolished

Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change Minister Murat Kurum stated that temporary workplaces will be established for tradesmen in the provinces affected by the earthquake.

Stating that they discussed both the damage assessments and the decisions regarding the new Malatya, the new Akçadağ and the new Doğanşehir at today’s meeting, the Institution said, “We are actually starting our work with all the components of the city, with an understanding that will include whatever the demands of our opinion leaders here, demographic and cultural structure are. In this context, I hope we will build the new Malatya, the new Doğanşehir and Akçadağ together,” he said.

7 thousand personnel participate in damage assessment studies

Reminding that the promises made in the Elazig Sivrice-centered earthquake were fulfilled, the Institution said that they will start to deliver the houses, step by step, within 1 year, as they promised.

Noting that the damage assessment works in Malatya and other provinces are carried out simultaneously with 7 thousand personnel, the Minister Kurum said, “So far, the examination of 1 million 316 thousand buildings consisting of 4 million 658 thousand independent sections has been completed. It has reached the level of 98 percent in the provinces and district centers where it is lived in. In this context, we have determined that 534 thousand independent sections and 173 thousand buildings will be severely damaged, demolished or urgently demolished in 1 million 316 thousand buildings examined throughout Turkey. We have determined that one thousand independent sections will be demolished immediately, heavily damaged or destroyed. This tells us that we experienced 2 earthquakes. Our Malatya brothers left their homes in the first earthquake and many of our brothers were caught outside in the second earthquake. This is the reason why the destruction is high but our deaths are low, thank goodness, Malatya. “There is really serious destruction in our country”. gave.

Continuity of commercial life will be ensured

Minister Kurum explained that they have prepared master plans for the center of the city, that they will preserve the demographic and cultural structure of the city, and that they will shape the city centers in line with the demands of tradesmen, workers and the notables of the city.

Emphasizing that they will carry out the necessary zoning arrangements here again within this framework, the Institution said, “We are starting to establish temporary workplaces for our tradesmen, just as we are establishing temporary shelters under the coordination of AFAD, so that our citizens and tradesmen do not suffer. we are here,” he said.

“43 thousand houses will be built in designated reserve areas”

Stating that they will build 500 houses on the area on Gelincik Hill in the first place in Malatya and they will start the construction process quickly, the Institution said, “We start from the areas where the earthquake is intense in Malatya. In this context, Yeşilyurt İkizce is a beautiful area. Both in the east, west and north of the city. We are expanding in all areas with the understanding to plan the city’s 50 years. Gelincik Hill is the area where we previously built disaster houses. We will use our areas here. We will use the areas we previously removed from Çamurlu and again Altay Barracks, and we will build our 43 thousand houses in the reserve areas we have determined. In the center of the city, it will not exceed the ground plus 3-4 floors, under There are no shops, there are commercial axes, the city is inhabited, its historical monuments are preserved and revived, which our Ministry of Culture carries out simultaneously in all cities. Therefore, we will build the new Malatya in its safest, strongest and greenest form for our children and future generations. It is planned to build approximately 15 thousand village houses here,” he said.

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