Minister Nabati: We are working on giving welfare share to retirees

Treasury and Finance Minister Nureddin Nebati met with industrialists at the Kayseri Chamber of Industry (KAYSO).

Addressing the industrialists here, Nebati noted that they “worked hard” with all the institutions to heal the wounds of the earthquake victims.

Nabati used the following expressions in his speech:

“We provide cash aid to our citizens affected by the earthquake and to the relatives of those who lost their lives. In order to meet the needs of the disaster victims quickly after the earthquake, we are making the resources of approximately 100 billion liras allocated from the budget available to our institutions in the first place.

Within the framework of TCIP, we made a loss payment of approximately 22 billion liras. We have also started the construction process quickly. We started the construction of 113 thousand houses in 11 provinces. We have commissioned the ‘Operating Expenses and Investment Support Package’ within the framework of the Treasury Supported Guarantee System for businesses operating in the earthquake zone. Within the framework of these support packages, a loan volume of 10.4 billion TL has already been reached and the disbursements continue.

We increased the volume of KGF packages and increased the KGF limit of 250 billion liras to 400 billion liras. We offer 50 billion liras of this to our citizens to be used directly in the earthquake zone. We postponed the loan payments of our tradesmen, craftsmen and farmers in the region. We provided feed support of 500 lira for cattle and 50 lira for sheep and goats. We increased our certified seed support by 100 percent in our provinces in the earthquake zone.”

Welfare share for retirees

Providing information about the works they will do in many fields, Nebati said, “We will establish a Family and Youth Bank with the resources to be allocated from the natural gas and oil revenues produced by our country in the coming period. We will recruit 3 thousand 220 qualified personnel to our Ministry. We have met the demands of EYT, we have increased the minimum pension. We are also working on a regulation that will give welfare share to retirees who earn more than 500 liras.” he said.

Referring to the Yerköy-Kayseri High Speed ​​​​Train Project in his speech, Minister Nebati said, “As you know, we were continuing to work on the Yerköy-Kayseri High Speed ​​​​Train Project. We have left another important stage behind in our project. We signed the foreign financing contract yesterday. It is worth approximately 1.2 billion Euros. We provided foreign financing,” he said.

Stating that Ankara-Kayseri transportation, which is provided in 7 hours by the current railway, will decrease to 2 hours with the commissioning of the project, Nebati said, “Both freight transportation and transportation of our citizens will become much easier. Thus, our country will save billions of dollars.”

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