Minister Varank: We paved the way for an investment of 579 billion liras

The list of investment incentive certificates of the Ministry of Industry and Technology for December 2022 was published in the Official Gazette. With this list, it was revealed how many incentive certificates the Ministry gave to investments in 2022.

According to the written statement made by the Ministry, Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank, who evaluated the list, said, “With the 13 thousand 653 incentive certificates we issued in 2022, we paved the way for an investment of approximately 579 billion liras that will employ more than 357 thousand people. The number of documents issued compared to the previous year is 8 percent, the projected investment. increased by 43 percent. used the phrases.

Pointing out that these figures are an indicator of investors’ trust in the Turkish economy, Minister Varank said, “We see the private sector as the locomotive of economic growth. We will continue to pave the way for investments by supporting the private sector under the leadership of the state.” shared his opinion.

– December documents in the Official Gazette

According to the “List of Investment Incentive Certificates for December 2022” in the communiqués section of the Official Gazette, 2 thousand 62 incentive certificates were issued in December 2022. The fixed investment amount of these investments, which are expected to provide employment for approximately 54 thousand people, was 84 billion 692 million liras.

– Record in December

When December and other months of 2022 are compared, the highest figures of the year were reached in the number of documents, fixed investment amount and employment.

Considering the investment types of the investment incentive certificates issued in December, it was remarkable that 64.5 percent of the issued certificates were completely new investments.

– Manufacturing leading sector

When the incentive certificates issued are analyzed by sector, manufacturing took the first place. With 1232 documents issued in this category, 36,279 people will be employed in projects with a fixed investment amount of approximately 29 billion TL.

– 2022 table appeared

With the announcement of the investment incentive certificates for December, the general picture of 2022 emerged. According to this table, 13 thousand 653 investment incentive certificates were issued in the January-December 2022 period. With these documents, a fixed investment of 578 billion 581 million liras will be realized and 357 thousand 75 people will be employed.

When the 2022 table is compared with 2021, it is seen that the number of documents increased from 12 thousand 635 to 13 thousand 653, and the fixed investment amount increased from 403 billion liras to 579 billion liras. In other words, the investment incentive certificates issued in 2022 have increased by 8 percent compared to the previous year, and the fixed investment amount has increased by 43 percent.

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