MOBISAD: The lowest price for imported smartphones will be 6 thousand 682 TL

The trade ministry has set a new surveillance price for imported smartphones. Customs fees per unit for phones were increased from $200 to $350.

Evaluating the decision to Bloomberg HT, Mobile Communications and Information Technologies Businessmen’s Association (MOBISAD) President Mustafa Kemal Turnacı pointed out that the decision would increase the market share of domestic production, but that supportive steps should be accompanied by it.

Turnacı said, “Imported smartphones were more attractive when they were $200; because it was an affordable price. It is aimed to get ahead of imported products by increasing it to 350 dollars. However, these steps should also be accompanied by supports that will increase investments in line with the dynamics of the sector.” said.

MOBISAD President Turnacı stated that the market share of the domestic smart device industry has decreased to 55 percent and that it will rise to 70-75 percent with this decision, and continued his words as follows: “It is a very important step for domestic production. However, supporting incentive packages such as the incentives received in 2020 should come.

Drawing attention to the installment limitation, Turnacı said, “60-65 percent of high-end smart devices are brought from abroad. This situation has more harm than contribution to our country. If the installment limit within the country is increased, domestic consumers will have the opportunity to buy high-end phones from abroad without bringing them from abroad.” made evaluations.

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