Moody’s warns Poland of ‘Russian influence’

In the international credit rating agency Moody’s report, it was reminded that Polish President Andrzej Duda signed the law that foresees the establishment of a commission in order to prevent Russia from interfering in Poland and the general elections to be held in the country in autumn.

The report emphasized that the law in question could deepen Poland’s conflict of rule of law with the EU, which could cause Poland to lose a large portion of EU funds.

Referring to Poland’s exclusion from the EU fund after the epidemic on the grounds of rule of law, Moody’s pointed out that it is doubtful that this dispute can be resolved before the elections in Poland.

Poland will go to the polls in the autumn, and opposition figures in the country will target prominent opposition figures such as Donald Tusk, the former prime minister and now leader of the Civic Platform (PO), the largest opposition party, the commission to be set up under the newly passed law on “Russian influence”. He claims he can.

Similar concerns were expressed by the US State Department and the European Commission.

Commission, Russia’s influence under It will have the power to annul an administrative decision that it thinks has been taken, and can impose a ban of up to 10 years to those who make such decisions from holding public office.

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