New records for participation in public offerings


The public offering of Eksun Gıda, which was the last public offering and started to be traded on the Stock Exchange today, received 15 times the demand, while the size of the public offering was 980 million TL. Eksun Gıda started trading on BIST Yıldız Market with today’s gong at 48.90 TL. During the public offering process, which was completed by breaking the participant record in the history of Borsa Istanbul, 1 million 210 thousand investors became partners of the company.

In the Eksun Gıda public offering, in which individual investors received an equal share, 1.2 million domestic individual investors became shareholders in the company. In the public offering, 4 percent of the demand from domestic institutional investors and 10 percent of the demand from foreign institutional investors were met.

As of March 23, there were a total of 4.23 million investors in the stock market, while the number of participation in the last public offering made up 28 percent of the stock market investors.

Since the beginning of the year, an average of 700 thousand people took a share from each public offering. It was observed that the number increased even more in the public offerings where a higher share was allocated to the individual and the equal distribution method was chosen.

With the high demand from individual investors, companies are also going to increase their individual shares in the distributed shares. In the last public offering, 57 percent shares were allocated to domestic individual investors, and the shares were equally distributed. As a result of the distribution, 9-10 lots of shares were distributed to the individual investor at a price of 48.90 TL.

Since the share allocated to individuals in the public offering of Akfen Renewable Energy, which went public on March 16, was lower at 20 percent, the total number of participants remained at 419 thousand.

In Göknur Gıda, which was offered to the public on March 9, 72 percent of the shares offered to the public were distributed to domestic individual investors and with an equal distribution method, while the total number of participants was again at a high level with 862 thousand.

In the total number of investors in the stock market, it is seen that the number of investors has started to increase again with the intense demand for public offerings. While the number of investors in the stock market, which was 2.5 million in March 2022, reached 3.79 million at the end of 2022, this number reached 4 million investors at the end of January. The total number of investors in the stock market, which decreased to 3.87 million at the end of February, rose to the highest level in the history of the stock market with 4.23 million as of March 23.

The total market value of the stock market, which was at the level of 2.53 trillion TL at the end of March 2021, increased to 6.2 trillion TL at the end of 2022 with the increases last year, and decreased to 5.5 trillion TL at the end of January 2023. Borsa Istanbul’s market value stands at TL 5.68 trillion as of March 23.

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