New sanctions from EU to Russia – Bloomberg HT

In the post shared on the official social media account of the EU term president, Sweden, it was reported that the member states accepted the 10th package of sanctions against Russia on the anniversary of the war.

“Today, the EU approved the 10th package of sanctions against Russia,” the post said. expression was used.

It was stated in the post that the new sanctions package brought stricter export restrictions on dual-use and technology products, and it was noted that this includes restrictive measures against individuals and organizations that support war, spread propaganda or deliver war-used UAVs to Russia.

In the post, it was pointed out that the EU will continue to support Ukraine no matter how long it takes.

All details of the sanctions have not been shared yet.

The sanctions package prepared by the EU Commission last week includes export bans on more than 11 billion euros to deprive the Russian economy of critical technology and industrial products.

The package, which includes products such as electronics, special vehicles, machine and engine parts, spare parts for trucks and jet engines, also targets products such as antennas or cranes, which the construction industry can be directed to the Russian army.

An export ban is also imposed on various products that can be used for both military and civilian purposes.

New electronic components and thermal cameras that can be used in Russia’s weapon systems, including UAVs, missiles and helicopters, are also included in the restrictions.

For the first time, third country organizations are included in the scope of dual-use product sanctions against Russia, and some Iranian institutions are included in the sanctions list in this context.

The package includes new measures to prevent violating or circumventing existing sanctions.

Many people, including those who carry out propaganda activities, soldiers and politicians, are added to the EU sanctions list with the package, while the travel ban is imposed on these people, the assets of institutions and individuals are frozen.

EU member states had been negotiating the sanctions package for 3 days, which required unanimous approval.

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