Nissan/ Ghanem: Türkiye can surpass Spain in automotive

This week’s guest of the Automotive Summit was Nissan Türkiye General Manager Charbel Abi Ghanem.

Ghanem said, “When we compare 2010 and 2023 in terms of electrification, we see a situation increasing from 6 percent to 10 percent. When we look at the growth rate of electric vehicles here, it has increased by more than 500 percent. There were 11 players in the markets, now it has reached 22,” he said.

Stating that the 60 percent growth between last year’s growth and this year’s growth was due to 2 factors, Ghanem said, “One of them is the very high demand. “The other factor is inflation,” he said.

“We have made our growth forecast around 1 million. If the markets in Turkey exceed 1 million this year, then it will be the fifth largest market in Europe, thus surpassing Spain. I think Spain will have around 800-900 thousand vehicles this year. When 1 million vehicles are sold, you become one of the biggest players in Europe”.

Ghanem said, “The transformation will be carried out by the entire sector” and added, “Here, all brands need to work together, move towards a goal and meet at a common stakeholder. Entrepreneurs need to be paved. In fact, we started to see this related to infrastructure works. On the other hand, governments need to take important steps,” he said.

“At Nissan, we strive to advance our autonomous technologies. We are very determined about our global targets.”

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