Nuclear power generation ends in Germany

Germany will implement its decision to shut down the last three nuclear power plants, which it had previously postponed due to the energy crisis caused by the Russia-Ukraine War. Thus, nuclear power generation in Europe’s largest economy will come to an end.

Isar 2 in Bavaria, Neckarwestheim 2 in Baden-Württemberg and the Emsland nuclear power plant in the north-west of the country met 6 percent of the country’s energy needs last year.

The nuclear gap in the country is expected to be filled with renewable energy.

Post-nuclear “energy bottleneck” warning from German business world

The German business community warned the government about the bottlenecks in energy supply due to the closure of the nuclear power plant.

Peter Adrian, President of the Union of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce, criticized the German government’s plan to phase out nuclear.

Stating that there may be problems in terms of energy supply security and high prices, Adrian said, “Despite the decrease in natural gas prices, energy costs continue to be high for most companies in Germany. At the same time, risks arising from security of supply still continue.” made its assessment.

Stating that these risks continue not only for the next winter months, but also in the long term, Adrian continued as follows:

“We must continue to do everything we can to expand its energy supply. Germany is dependent on all available energy sources. This is the only way to avoid or at least reduce supply bottlenecks and another big rise in energy prices in the coming months.”

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