Otokoç/Ekici: The need for vehicles in Turkey is a tangible reality.

This week’s guest of the Automotive Summit was Otokoç Automotive Leader İnan Ekici.

Ekici participated in the Bloomberg HT broadcast: “In 2022, an automotive market of 822 thousand was realized. In 2022, both demand and supply increased compared to the previous year. With the pandemic, there has been a demand created by the increase in the need for individual vehicle use. Automotive products began to be seen as some investment tool. This was one of the factors that pushed the demand up a bit. Therefore, despite the increasing supply in these days when we started 2023, we see that strong demand still does not provide the environment that will allow you to reach the vehicle you want whenever you want,” he said.

Saying that the first three months point to a 50% higher automotive market compared to the first three months of the previous year, Ekici said, “The number of automobiles per thousand people in Turkey is around 160 units. There are countries in Europe with an average of 700s and even more. It is a concrete reality that there is a need for a vehicle. Normally, there should be more than 1.5-2 million sectors. In 2023, with the continuation of strong demand, there is a performance in the first 3 months, which points to 1 million units, if there is no negativity after the election.

About Otokoç, Ekici said, “Dynamics developed much faster after the pandemic. We put digitalization in our focus. Apart from the areas in which we operate, we aim to invest in relations, especially start-ups. Our agile transformation project continues.”

Ekici said, “Türkiye can be the automotive giant of the world”.

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