Overseas PPI increased by 40.35 percent annually in March

Overseas Producer Price Index (YD-PPI) increased by 1.65% on a monthly basis and by 40.35 percent on an annual basis in March.

Turkish Statistical Institute announced the YD-PPI data for March.

Accordingly, in March, YD-PPI increased by 1.65 percent monthly, by 40.35 percent compared to the same month of the previous year, by 6.16 percent compared to December of the previous year and by 79.2 percent compared to the twelve-month averages.

There was a 40.48 percent increase in manufacturing

Looking at the annual changes in the two sectors of the industry, there was an increase of 33.63 percent in mining and quarrying, and 40.48 percent in manufacturing.

Considering the annual changes of the main industrial groups, an increase of 39.26 percent in intermediate goods, 42.80 percent in durable consumer goods, 39.44 percent in non-durable consumer goods, 23.04 percent in energy and 44.24 percent in capital goods were observed.

The monthly changes in the two sectors of the industry were calculated as 1.35 percent increase in mining and quarrying and 1.66 percent increase in manufacturing.

Monthly changes of main industrial groups. an increase of 1.69 percent in intermediate goods, 2.35 percent in durable consumer goods, 1.42 percent in non-durable goods, 2.79 percent in energy and 1.25 percent in capital goods.

According to the annual YD-PPI, 9 sub-sectors changed lower and 16 sub-sectors showed higher changes.

Among the YD-PPI sectors, metal ores by 15.9 percent, coke and refined petroleum products by 23.04 percent, and basic metals by 30.03 percent were the sub-sectors in which the indices increased the least. On the other hand, beverages were determined as 64.70 percent, other non-metallic mineral products 56.47 percent, and 55.18 percent, excluding fabricated metal products, machinery and equipment, as the sub-sectors where the indices increased the most.

According to the monthly YD-PPI, 15 sub-sectors changed lower and 10 sub-sectors showed higher changes.

When looked at monthly, it was seen that the only sub-sector that decreased was computers, electronic and optical products with 0.10 percent. On the other hand, beverages with 6.62 percent, other manufactured goods by 4.08 percent and basic metals with 3.25 percent were recorded as the sub-sectors where the indices increased the most.

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