Petrol Ofisi/Abbasoğlu: Our only bottleneck is our roads

Petrol Ofisi CEO Mehmet Abbasoğlu stated that the biggest bottleneck is the transportation of fuel from the terminals to the stations.

Abbasoğlu, who participated in the Bloomberg HT broadcast, said, “After the earthquake, electricity and natural gas were cut off for security reasons. First of all, we detected that there are no leaks or leaks in our motion terminals in terms of security. After providing this security, we opened our terminals with generators. After we process our terminals, we try to do everything we can in terms of fuel supply. All our terminals are full at the moment. Our tankers are on duty and they are pulling fuel from our terminals 24 hours a day.”

Abbasoğlu said, “Our biggest bottleneck right now is our roads. Unfortunately, our tankers have difficulties in reaching the points they want to reach after pulling from our terminals. The reason for this is, unfortunately, some of our roads have been irreparably damaged, our side roads have been closed due to winter conditions, the traffic is flowing very slowly, there is a serious traffic that wants to move to the region and wants to leave the region,” he said.

“We immediately terminate the contract of the station that has fuel but refuses to refuel”

Pointing out that the biggest bottleneck at the moment is the transportation problem especially around Nurdağı, Abbasoğlu said, “Our tankers, which filled just after the earthquake at night, were only able to reach the station in Antep. Our security guards here are a huge operational liability. under and they perform a miracle; but the two-lane side road is full to the brim. Although we have stated the priority of the tankers, there is no place for the tankers to pass. On the other hand, according to the latest news, the main road has been opened as a single lane, and this will provide some relief.”

Abbasoğlu stated that if one of their stations has fuel but refuses to resupply, they terminate their contract immediately. Abbasoğlu said, “This is our red line. There can be no such thing.”

Stating that there are 350 stations in the region and 40 of them are damaged, Abbasoğlu said, “Our citizens spend the whole night in their vehicles and have to start their engines to warm up. Due to human nature, while he normally moves with 50 percent tank filling, sometimes goods can run out at fuel stations when he fills the tank 100 percent,” he said.

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