PUIS: Fuel discount in the earthquake zone

Imran Okumus, Chairman of Petroleum Products Employers’ Union (PÜİS), stated that they are working to prevent fuel shortages for those in the earthquake zone in his post on PÜİS’ Twitter account.

Stating that they are on alert with all the stakeholders of the sector, Okumuş called for the member dealers who could not get fuel due to bad weather and road conditions during this process, to reach PÜİS.

Pointing out that Turkey is going through very difficult days after the earthquakes, Okumuş said, “Our meetings with the Presidents of PETDER and ADER, the representatives of the relevant public institutions and distribution companies, in order to ensure that the reduction in gasoline and diesel, effective from midnight tonight, will not be victimized by the supply shortages of our citizens in the earthquake area. “As a result of this, we decided to make it valid in the earthquake zone as of today. I would like to express my gratitude to all parties and distribution companies, especially EMRA, for their support in this matter. There is no fuel problem in the earthquake zone. The only problem is bad weather conditions,” he said.

Fuel supplies will continue

Pointing out that they will continue their deliveries without making the citizens suffer, Okumuş said, “There are disruptions in communication due to bad weather conditions. Therefore, there may be problems in POS devices. We ask our dealers not to cause any difficulties in collection. As PÜİS, we will provide them with the necessary assistance. Also, except for weather and road conditions, We want it to be known that our dealers who do not refuel citizens for any arbitrary reason will also be severely punished.”

Those in the earthquake zone will receive a discount of approximately 1 lira and 30 cents per liter of diesel and gasoline as of today.

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