Putin: We suspended the agreement to restrain nuclear missiles

Russian President Vladimir Putin delivered his speech to the Federal Assembly, which was attended by members of parliament, cabinet members and senior bureaucrats.

Putin said Russia is suspending participation in the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) with the United States, which aims to curb intercontinental nuclear ballistic missile capabilities.

Putin evaluated the issues on the agenda in his speech in the Federal Assembly, which lasted about 2 hours and attended by senior bureaucrats as well as members of the parliament and cabinet.

Emphasizing that Russia will “step by step” and carefully fulfill its duties in Ukraine, Putin said, “I am conveying today’s message at a time of irreversible change in the whole world, the most important historical events that determine the future of people.”

“1 million people died as a result of the actions of the US soldiers”

Emphasizing that the West started the war, Putin said, “We used and are using force to stop the war. We protect our home and the lives of our people, and what the West wants is to have unlimited domination.”

Pointing out that NATO wants to surround Russia, Putin reminded that the USA has hundreds of military bases not only on the borders of Russia, but also all over the world.

Noting that a million people died in the world and more than 30 million became refugees as a result of the actions of the US soldiers, Putin said, “No one in the world will forget this.”

“I signed a decree”

Noting that the US and NATO openly stated that their goal is Russia’s strategic defeat, Putin said, “I signed a decree last week on the making of new land-based strategic missile systems ready for combat.”

Pointing out that they have also taken a decision regarding Russia’s participation in the New START, Putin said, “Today, I have to say that Russia suspended its participation in the New START. We are not leaving the treaty, we are just suspending our participation.”

“We will not be the first to do it, but if the USA tries, we will test the nuclear”

Stressing that Western countries have spent more than $150 billion on armament of Ukraine, Putin said, “For comparison, according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) data, the G7 countries allocated $60 billion in 2020 and 2021 to support the world’s poorest countries.”

Explaining that the Ukrainian administration is acting in line with the interests of third countries rather than their national interests, Putin said, “The more long-range weapons are sent to Ukraine, the more we will remove the threat from our borders. The West uses Ukraine both as a shooting range and as a ram against Russia. “The plans are the same in the 1930s and now, direct aggression towards the East. To start a war with foreign hands in Europe and to eliminate the rivals,” he said.

Pointing out that some politicians in Washington are already considering the possibility of testing new types of nuclear weapons by the US, Putin said, “In this case, the Russian Ministry of Defense and Rosatom should be ready to test Russian nuclear weapons. Of course, we will not be the first to do this, but if the US tests, “We do too. No one should be under the dangerous illusion that global strategic equality can be destroyed,” he said.

Emphasis on “Russia Resistant” in the Economy

Emphasizing that the Russian economy turned out to be more resilient than Western countries thought, Putin said, “We ensured the preservation of economic stability, protected citizens and jobs. We prevented supply problems in the market and supported the financial system.”

Noting that Western “humanist” officials want Russian citizens to suffer because of the sanctions, Putin said, “Those who impose sanctions are actually punishing themselves. They caused price increases, job losses and an energy crisis, and they point to their own citizens that Russia is to blame.”

Underlining that the Russian economy, especially logistics, has entered a new era, Putin said, “Now the issue for Russia is not to adapt (to the new conditions), but to move the economy to new borders. We must set aside the limitations and disagreements between institutions and establish effective economic and logistical ties within the state.” spoke.

Call to Russian business to “keep your money in Russia”

In his speech, Putin also made evaluations about Russian business people whose assets were confiscated in Western countries and said, “Ordinary citizens do not feel sorry for those who lost their capital in foreign banks, their yachts and palaces abroad.”

Underlining that Russian business people should not “beg for money” from the West, Putin said, “There is no point in opening your hands and begging for money. Instead, start new projects in Russia, earn money, invest in Russia. Only in this way will you gain the gratitude of future generations.” used the phrases.

Putin said that the perception that the West is a safe harbor and a place of refuge for capital has also turned out to be false with recent events.

Touching on the upcoming elections, including the presidential elections to be held in the country in 2024, Putin stated that the elections of local and regional governments and the presidential elections will be held in accordance with all democratic procedures and laws.

reaction from NATO

On the other hand, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg evaluated Russia’s suspension of participation in the New START agreement as the collapse of the entire arms control architecture and called on Russia to reconsider its decision.

Stoltenberg spoke at the joint press conference after meeting with Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitro Kuleba and the European Union (EU) High Representative for Foreign Relations and Security Policy Josep Borrell at NATO headquarters.

Evaluating the decision of Russian President Vladimir Putin to suspend the New START agreement, Stoltenberg said that he regrets this decision.

“In recent years Russia has violated or departed from key arms control agreements. With today’s decision on the new START, the entire arms control architecture has collapsed. I strongly advise Russia to reconsider its decision and respect existing agreements,” Stoltenberg said.

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