Raised transit through the straits begins – Bloomberg HT

From 1983 to October 7, 2022, 0.80 dollars was charged per net ton from international ships passing through the Straits. It was later increased to $4.08 by Presidential Decision. By re-updating, the net unit per ton used in determining the strait tolls, effective from 1 July 2023, has now been increased to $4.42.

To give an example on a ship with a net tonnage of 10 thousand; Before October 7, 2022, a total of 3,240 dollars was charged from a ship for lighthouse, rescue and health services. This fee was increased to 16 thousand 393 dollars in October 2022, when the first price adjustment was made. With the new tariff to be passed on July 1, a ship with a net tonnage of 10 thousand tons will have to pay 17 thousand 760 dollars. In this way, foreign currency inflow to the country will be increased.

Prices will be updated every year

According to the Montreux Convention; Ships that will pass through the Turkish Straits without a stop are charged three items: health inspection service, lighthouse service and rescue service. While calculating the fees, the net tonnage of the ships (NRT) is taken as the basis, and the unit of “Golden Franc” is taken as the basis. Until last year, these prices remained stable. According to the Presidential Decision, the Bosphorus tolls will now be recalculated and updated automatically on 1 July every year without the need for a Presidential decision.

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