Regulation on the use of superstructure in SBs

The Regulation Amending the Free Zones Implementation Regulation, prepared by the Ministry of Commerce, entered into force after being published in the Official Gazette.

With the “Law on the Law on the Establishment and Duties of the Turkish Exporters’ Assembly and Exporters’ Associations and Amending Certain Laws”, which was enacted last year, the Free Zones Law was amended. The regulations also included the issues related to the said regulations.

Accordingly, the procedures and principles regarding the liquidation of goods that are not removed from the superstructure within the evacuation period to be given to users whose operating licenses expire or whose licenses have been revoked in free zones whose land is owned by the Treasury are regulated.

With the amendment, in the free zones whose land is owned by the Treasury, the evacuation of the superstructure transferred to the Treasury upon the expiration or cancellation of the operating license will be accelerated and the liquidation of the goods not removed from the superstructure by the user will be facilitated by protecting the property rights of the user and the claims of third parties.

Thus, the Ministry aims to bring the superstructures into the economy quickly.

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