Rejection of 2.7 billion penalty appeal of chain markets

All of the objections made to the administrative court regarding the 2.7 billion TL fine, which was previously imposed on 5 chain stores by the Competition Authority, were rejected.

BİM had previously made a statement to the Public Disclosure Platform regarding this issue and announced that it would take the matter to the court of appeal.

According to the information obtained by Bloomberg HT, the applications of other chain markets regarding the cancellation of the fine were also rejected by the administrative court.

In this context, Competition fines of 958.1 TL for BİM, 646.6 TL for A101, 517.7 TL for Migros, 384.4 TL for Şok, 142.5 million TL for Carrefoursa and 22.2 million TL for Savola Gıda. had been applied.

After the notification of the decisions, the markets have 30 days to take the case to the court of appeal.

In October 2021, fines amounting to a total of 2.7 billion TL were imposed on 5 chain markets and Savola Gıda on the grounds of cartel formation and collusive price formation. Following the cessation of the fine, the companies started the legal process, and the verbal defenses of the companies were heard last December.

BİM announced yesterday that the lawsuit regarding the cancellation of the competition penalty before the Ankara Administrative Court was rejected on the merits.

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