Request from ATO to reduce premium day for Bağ-Kur members

Ankara Chamber of Commerce (ATO) President Gürsel Baran visited the Minister of Labor and Social Security Vedat Bilgin and requested that the number of 9 thousand premium days required for the retirement of Bağ-Kur members be reduced.

In the statement made by the ATO, it was stated that Minister Bilgin welcomed this request and said that they are in a study that includes the regulation of the number of retirement premium days according to the employment provided by the employers.

In the statement made, Baran informed Minister Bilgin about the issues and problems that are on the agenda of the business world during the visit and that Bağ-Kur members, including 160 thousand members of the Ankara Chamber of Commerce, requested that the number of 9 thousand premium payment days required for retirement be reduced. was recorded.

Baran reminded that the number of premium payment days for workers defined as 4a and civil servants defined as 4c within the scope of SGK is 7 thousand 200 days, and for the employers, which is defined as 4b, the old term is 9 thousand days, “” We demand the reduction of the premium payment day period applied to employers, including members of our Ankara Chamber of Commerce, who contribute to the economy by paying taxes, providing employment, opening businesses and creating added value in our country.

It was stated that Minister Bilgin responded positively to Baran’s request and stated that a study was carried out on the subject, but that not all employers within the scope of 4b of SSI would be evaluated in the same way, and that a criterion could be determined according to the number of employment.

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