Request from TÜRK-İŞ to regulate tax brackets

President of TÜRK-İŞ Atalay, in his statement to AA, stated that immediately after the increase in wages and salaries, there was a high increase in taxes and fees in many items.

Employees are burdened with direct and indirect taxes. under Atalay said:

“Most of the workers entered the 27 percent tax bracket as of July. Therefore, a worker has an average loss of 2 thousand liras. The tax system applied to employees is not a fair and correct tax system. Those who earn a lot should be taxed less than those who earn less. Tax brackets should be reduced, and the tax system burden on employees should be lightened.”

Stating that the employees continue to feel the effects of inflation and that the prices of products and services have increased with the effect of tax increases, Atalay said:

“We cannot solve any issue if wage increases follow inflation. Whenever the wages and incomes of the employees exceed the inflation, then the issue of living is resolved. The raises continue to rain like rain without the employees getting their increased wages.”

“The issue of subcontractors should be removed from the agenda”

Atalay stated that the problem of subcontracted labor continues in the public sector and stated that nearly 100 thousand subcontracted workers, mostly in the energy, transportation and transportation business lines, are waiting for the good news of cadre.

Reminding that many politicians promised to recruit subcontracted workers before the election, Atalay continued as follows:

“Today, the staffing problem has come to the point of disrupting the work peace in the workplaces. There is a great expectation in the society about this issue. For this, we need to remove the subcontractor issue from the country’s agenda. Whatever the cost of the subcontractor workers to the public, they should be recruited based on this cost. We are always followers of this issue. Politicians We want them to solve this problem in the Parliament so that it will not be on the agenda again.”

Atalay pointed out that a net increase of 8 thousand 77 liras has been made in civil servant salaries, and said, “The only hope and security of millions of employees is severance pay. Today, the severance pay ceiling is 23 thousand 489 liras. The 8 thousand 77 lira increase in civil servants’ salaries should also be reflected in the severance pay ceiling wage. In this way, a worker who works for 20 years makes a difference of 160 thousand liras.” made its assessment.

“Retirement hike should be reviewed”

Pointing out that different employee segments, especially some civil servant unions, have recently compared their incomes with the wages of public workers, Atalay said:

“We, as workers, exist in all areas of life. We continue to work in difficult conditions. We pour asphalt in the heat of the summer, we climb to the top of the electricity pole in the cold of winter. Our workers are very uncomfortable with the wage comparison. All wages and salaries must reach a certain level. Workers, civil servants, retired people. “The situation of retirees is deplorable. The increase applied to civil servants should also be applied to all retirees. The lowest pension is 7 thousand 500 liras. Millions of retirees whose root wages are below this will not be able to receive a 25 percent raise. This needs to be reviewed.”

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