Required reserve step from the CBRT in macroprudential simplification

The TL weight, which was reduced from 60 percent to 57 percent for the security establishment liability on 25 June, was also reduced to the same level for the required reserves. Banks are willing to pay this TL rate. under If they stay, they will have to set aside 5% reserve requirement.

In the MPC decision dated 22 June 2023, it was stated that the existing micro and macroprudential framework would be simplified with a gradual approach based on impact analyzes, and the first step in this context was taken on 25 June and announced to the public.

The target ratio in the additional required reserve application according to the TL share was updated as 57 percent as a complement to the first step taken on 25 June. Banks that fail to achieve this will still have a 5% reserve requirement obligation.

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