Samsung surpasses Apple in smartphone shipments


In the smartphone market, the competition between giants continues at full speed. South Korean electronics giant Samsung Despite the ongoing contraction in the smartphone market, smartphone shipment volumes in the first quarter of 2023 percentage It surpassed Apple by a margin of one. According to the results of the first quarter of 2023, Samsung, Apple’s 58 millionvolume of shipments narrowly leaving behind, 60.6 million units shipped in totalperformed the price.

Smartphone market decreased by 7 percent in the first quarter of 2023

technology market aresearch firm to counterpoint annual growth of the overall smartphone market by percentage 14th and quarterly basis percentage It reported that it resulted in a total of 280.2 million shipping units in the first quarter of 2023, down 7 percent.

Samsung in shipping AAlthough it surpassed pple in profitability left behind

Concurrently, revenues on an annual basis percentage It fell 7 percent and was $104 record low declined. Samsung took the lead in shipping volumes, while Apple maintained its dominance in the first quarter in terms of operating profit and versus Samsung. 7 percentHe secured a significant lead of 2. counterpointaccording to the iPhone maker’s also South Korean competitor important get half of the market’s revenue by gaining an advantage explained.

counterpoint Aresearch Ddirector Jeff fieldhack in his statement, “Apple’s successful lasting loyalty of the customer baseoriginates from. The company’s thriving ecosystem deters consumers from seeking cheaper alternatives.tir. While Apple enjoys unwavering loyalty, the economyin the and other fluctuations better than its competitors.” said.

counterpoint Ahorseshoehot Tarun Pathakpazsearch about “Permanent problems affecting the smartphone market are unlikely to disappear anytime soon. In addition, the recent decision of OPEC countries to cut oil production may cause inflation rates to rise and consumers’ spending power to decrease.. SThe industry-wide recession has resulted in the financial loss of many major players in the smartphone market. results have a noticeable effect ondu” he said.

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