Statement on grain purchase from TMO

In the written statement made by TMO, it was stated that the grain harvest in Konya and its hinterland experienced the heaviest days.

In the statement, which stated that the first harvest started on June 20, the following statements were included:

“As of the current date, 55 percent of barley was harvested and 10 percent of wheat was harvested in Konya as of the current date. TMO completed its preparations days ago in Konya as well as in our country and started to serve at TMO purchasing points with the harvest. In the hinterland of Konya, 47 licensed warehouses and 28 different TMO, which makes purchases at the point, provides service to our producers by operating seven days a week. In Konya, 22 thousand 500 producers have made an appointment to sell products to TMO, and 220 thousand tons of products have been purchased. The daily purchase amount is 22 thousand tons on average, with additional points opened daily. The amount of purchase and the number of manufacturers who make an appointment are increasing.

In the statement, which is noted that the harvest takes place at the same time and the producers want to make an appointment for the same days, the TMO Appointment System is busy from time to time, “Purchase points will be kept open until the last product that our producers will supply to our institution is received by TMO.” it was said.

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