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With the “Women’s Empowerment Declaration”, Türkiye İş Bankası committed to provide financial support of 100 billion TL to women entrepreneurs within 5 years through programs for women entrepreneurs, micro-credits extended to women, and financing of companies where women have a say in employment and management.

The declaration includes issues such as women taking a more active role in business life, having equal rights, facilitating their access to financial services, preventing discrimination and implicit bias in marketing activities, developing practices that take care of all stakeholders in the value chain and create a positive impact.

All kinds of support that will enable women to take an increasing share of the added value created by actively participating in production has become even more important for our economy and our country.

Signing the United Nations Women’s Empowerment Principles in 2020 and reinforcing its performance in this field by being included in the 2023 Bloomberg Gender Equality Index, İşbank aims to help women struggling to rebuild the earthquake zone, especially to overcome economic difficulties, with the financial support it has undertaken with the declaration it has published. It will help them be more active. Immediately after the earthquakes, the bank said “We are together, you are not alone” He explained the comprehensive aid package he offered to the disaster area.

In his statement on the subject, İşbank General Manager Hakan Aran drew attention to the importance of creating strategies based on gender equality and said: “We will embrace the pain of earthquake disasters together in solidarity. I believe that our 100 billion TL support for women throughout our country, which we have committed to provide in 5 years, is comprehensive enough to contribute to women in the earthquake region. In this way, we will touch the lives of the women affected by the disaster and contribute to the healing of the wounds in the region.”

“We can achieve total development only by eliminating gender inequality”

Aran underlined that in a world where there is no gender equality, there can be no real social and economic development and sustainable development. “We believe that empowering women’s place in society and their participation in business life is one of the necessities of sustainable development. With the Women’s Empowerment Declaration, which reveals our bank’s understanding of gender equality, we aim to create a positive social impact in the field of employment and social development beyond financial contribution.” said.

Turkey İşbank Women’s Empowerment Statement consists of the following 7 items:

Sustaining women’s economic independence and taking an active role in business life are among the Bank’s strategic priorities.

Continuously improving the egalitarian approach it has adopted since the day it was founded, in line with good practices and global standards, İşbank aims to ensure that women take an active part in society and business life within the framework of one of its Sustainable Development Goals, “to ensure gender equality and empower all women and girls”. sees it as one of the preconditions to improve

It carries out focused studies on women’s access to financial services.

The Bank undertakes to provide financial support of 100 billion TL to women entrepreneurs within 5 years, starting from 2023, through programs for women entrepreneurs, micro-credits extended to women, and financing of companies where women have a say in employment and management.

It also supports women’s place in economic life through non-financial activities such as experience sharing, training and collaborations.

İşbank acts within the framework of its vision of an entrepreneur-friendly, leading cooperation platform, which is the financial solution partner of women who play a critical role in the sustainability of economic and social development, and the companion that sheds light on their advancement in their business.

In line with this vision, it aims to increase the number of women entrepreneurs to reach 15,000 in 5 years, under the umbrella of Women Empowering the Future, on financial literacy.

Demonstrates an attitude towards preventing gender discrimination in marketing and advertising activities.

In its internal and external communication activities, the Bank pays attention to an inclusive positioning, use of language and visuals, where women and men are represented equally, they benefit from resources and opportunities equally, they assume equal roles, gender stereotypes are questioned in language, and serve to mainstream gender equality.

The Bank observes gender equality in all its activities and aims to create opportunities to raise awareness on the subject. It works to ensure that this approach is adopted by all stakeholders in the value chain.

Within the scope of the Gender Equality Program, which covers the entire value chain; It implements action plans that aim to develop new, innovative and good practices in a wide range from human resources practices to financing/sales activities that touch customers, from purchasing to corporate social responsibility.

It takes into account the differing demands and needs of women in its human resources policies.

The Bank does not discriminate between male and female employees in its human resources processes. It applies a transparent and measurable remuneration system independent of factors such as religion, language, race, age, class and gender. It adopts the principle of equal pay for equal work. While ensuring the health, safety and welfare of all its employees, regardless of gender, the Bank takes into account the differing demands and needs of women.

It conducts practices and collaborations that encourage the increase in the ratio of female employees and managers.

As a signatory of the United Nations Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs), İşbank observes the balance between men and women in management. It takes the necessary actions to achieve the targets it has set for increasing the representation of women at the level of the Board of Directors and the ratio of women managers in the senior management. The Bank is a member of the 30% Club, which aims to increase the representation of women in the board of directors.

Since its establishment, the Bank has made an equal place for women in every field and believes in the value created by women, and supports women managers in revealing their best potential with the “Leader Women Program” that it has implemented.

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