Tchibo/Ulutürk: Türkiye has become a coffee country

Tchibo production capacity showed a rapid growth performance in Turkey, which is one of the 11 countries in which it operates. Tchibo Turkey General Manager Hasan Ulutürk participated in the Bloomberg HT broadcast and made evaluations on coffee, food and non-food production and marketing activities.

Noting that Tchibo is a company of German origin, Ulutürk said, “Coffee is produced in the Equator region, and we have fields there. Tchibo manages the whole process from farm to cup. In the equatorial region, we have Brazil, India, Vietnam, in fact, we produce in all regions that we call the Latin region.”

Noting that Tchibo has about 15 concepts from ski equipment to cleaning products on the non-food side, Ulutürk said that they have factories in Turkey and that about 10 percent of the production comes from Turkey.

“Türkiye ranks 3rd in growth in non-European markets”

Stating that the average age in Turkey is around 32 years old, Ulutürk said, “Both potential coffee addiction has started to increase over the years. We used to call it the country of tea, now it has become the country of coffee. According to the latest reports, there is a size of approximately 9 billion TL in the coffee market. If we look at the size of the tea market, it is approximately 10 billion TL. If you include the packaged coffees sold in the markets and the coffee chains next to it, we can say that the size of the coffee market is much, much larger. Türkiye ranks 3rd in growth in non-European markets, and we rank 2nd in potential. These figures also bring us to the level of investing in Turkey. “Our online sales have increased nearly 3 times during the Kovid period,” he said.

“We convinced Germany to Turkish coffee”

Expressing that Turkish customers love Turkish coffee, according to research, Ulutürk said, “Just for this reason, we convinced Germany to produce Turkish coffee in 2018. The largest market share in the market belongs to soluble coffees, about 60 percent. The share of Turkish coffee in production is around 3 percent globally”.

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