TCIP: Compensation payment amount approached 24 billion TL

The Natural Disaster Insurance Institution (DASK) announced the amount of application and compensation payment made to TCIP.

In the statement made by TCIP, it was stated that as of April 30, 2023, the payment of all damage files, which were determined from the damage files received by TCIP and which did not have any missing documents, were made.

As of today, 519 thousand 851 damage notifications have been received by TCIP, and the compensation payment amount has approached 24 billion TL.

“We continue to work on the damage notifications that were detected undamaged or could not be determined by the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change, missing documents in the damage file, and that were just sent to us or that are still being forwarded. TCIP, which is the architect of such a great success in such a short time. We would like to thank all our banks, especially Vakıfbank, for bringing their payments together with our policyholders, and you, our valuable policyholders.

In the process of rapidly realizing our compensation payments, we continue our efforts to complete the documents by contacting our policyholders who have missing documents in the damage file. In this context, it is of great importance that our insured send us the missing damage documents via our website and e-government. We would like to inform you again that, although the payment passwords required to collect the payments are sent to our policyholders via SMS, this password can also be accessed via e-government.

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