TÇÜD/Emitting: We can easily meet the iron need in the earthquake zone

Turkish Steel Producers Association General Secretary Veysel Yayan stated in his Bloomberg HT broadcast that 4 million tons of rebar needed for a 4-5 month period in the earthquake zone can be easily met.

For the Iskenderun and Osmaniye regions, where the emitting enterprises and factories are located, “We have 7 manufacturing establishments in this region, which constitute approximately 32 percent of the steel production and steel production capacity. There was no serious damage to any of these establishments; however, most of the personnel working in these establishments was not in question. Their homes were destroyed,” he said.

Stating that the Turkish steel industry has a flat steel production capacity of approximately 18.5 million tons, Yayan said, “However, it has produced a maximum of 15.5 million tons until now. The amount needed for the container at the moment is around 80 thousand tons. Therefore, this is only 1 percent of our total production. Similarly, approximately 4 million tons of rebar is needed within 4-5 months for the construction investments planned to be made there. We are in a position to meet this easily because Turkey has a rebar capacity of around 24 million tons,” he said. .

Yayan said, “From the point of view of steel production, some of our facilities have already started production, but we cannot say that they are operating at full capacity.”

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