Tesla started looking for customers for delivery


The payment process for Tesla Model Y deliveries has begun.

After the payment is made and the invoice is issued, the notary process will be started and the Teslas will meet with their owners.

It was stated that the company’s vehicle delivery point has also been finalized.

While Akasya AVM was planned for the delivery point, it was stated that Intercity Istanbul Park is the delivery point due to the need for a larger location on the Anatolian side due to the increasing numbers.

It is stated that the company made this decision to train deliveries. In the previous planning, it was planned that deliveries would start at Akasya AVM and then continue in Istanbul Park.

The company also made this location change on the grounds that Istanbul Park is a wider and more convenient place for customer experiences.

It is stated that this point is more suitable for the operation of transporting the vehicles to the delivery point by TIRs.

Great interest in orders

While it was stated that the interest in Tesla orders continued intensely, it was stated that Tesla stores will only be in Kanyon AVM and Akasya AVM for this year.

As orders are placed and sales are made, the opportunity to test vehicles from these stores, mainly by appointment, will continue throughout the year.

More than 90 percent of demand is planned to be met by the end of the year.

While the company aims to increase the number of personnel more than 2 times due to high demand, the service in Istanbul Merter is planned to be activated in June.

Apart from the main service for after-sales, after-sales service will be provided at 20 points in Turkey. If necessary, mobile services or experts from Istanbul will be sent.

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