Tesla went to 9.8% price cut in Europe


american eelectric car manufacturer Tesla accelerating the transition to renewable energy and in the European and Israeli market with the aim of increasing sales average 9.8 percent rate go to price reductionI.

Tesla has been sold in China, Europe and North America since last fall. electric vehicles ftheir prices several times, percentage Drop by up to 20was gone.

Company statement made bythe transition of price cuts to renewable energywhat acceleration missionn is part of was in the direction. Explanationin “Our master plan is to set a clear path to achieve this mission.ndi. YConversion of cost-intensive small series products into cheaper mass series vehicles.” statements were included. Lowering prices can increase sales, but also reduce automotive is hot.

Tesla, 2023 across Price reductions while producing 1.8 million vehicles also continued. Tesla CEO‘This Elon Musk, company this year million vehicle making that it has the potentialhad explained.

Tesla rolled out its price-cutting strategy in October, with the company rolling out the Model 3 and Model Y in China. percentage Launch up to 9 price cuts announcinghad been.

in the past weeks US electric car manufacturer, this year to boost demand, which has slumped at the prices of the two most expensive EV models. in the USA third time discountcow gohad

Tesla delivered 422,875 electric vehicles in the first quarter of 2023the horse did. The company is Wall Street’s estimates of approximately 420,000 units. also leave behindti. Automotive giant in the first quarter of this year Produce 440,808 vehiclesmade my mark. Company, fourth of 2022 three405,278 units per quarter vehicle deliveryhorse, Produce 439,701 unitsI had accomplished.

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