The CBRT introduced some exemptions for loans for the reconstruction of the disaster area.

The CBRT granted some exemptions by making changes in the required reserves and securities establishment regulations for the loans to be extended until the end of August to those who will carry out activities for the reconstruction of the earthquake zone.

In the document sent by the CBRT to the banks yesterday and seen by Reuters, he added the loans to be given to those who were not in the earthquake zone but were damaged due to commercial relations in order to reduce the economic and financial effects of the earthquakes.

In the related article, although not located in the earthquake zone; It has been stated that exemptions are granted to those who have commercial relations with the residents of the earthquake zone and document that they have suffered damage due to the earthquake, and those who will carry out activities to meet the shelter needs of those affected by the earthquake or to reconstruct the infrastructure and superstructure in the earthquake zone.

Thus, a change was made in the practice of establishing securities and required reserves to support the loans to be extended by banks and financing companies until 31.08.2023 for the related loans.

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