The cost of the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II of England is 162 million pounds

According to the statement sent to the Parliament by the Chief Secretary of the Treasury, John Glen, the expenses of the relevant institutions for the national mourning process and burial, which lasted 10 days after the death of the queen on September 8, 2022, became clear.

The cost of the organizations in this period was approximately 162 million pounds. The largest part of this amount, £73.7 million, was spent by the Home Office.

In his statement, Glen stated that after the death of Queen Elizabeth, thousands of people traveled within the country to show their respect and love, and that the government’s priority was to ensure public safety and respectability of the organizations in this process.

Queen Elizabeth II of England died at the age of 96 on September 8 at Balmoral Castle in Scotland’s Aberdeenshire region, where she spent her summer vacation.

The Queen’s body was brought from Scotland, where she died on 13 September, to the capital, London, by a Royal Air Force plane.

The coffin was taken from the airport and then taken to Buckingham Palace by a cortege, and the next day to Westminster Hall inside the parliament building.

Hundreds of thousands of people who wanted to see the Queen’s body filled the streets on the route where the coffin would pass.

The body, which was put in a catafalka in Westminster Hall, was open to the public until September 19, when the funeral was to be held.

The body of Queen Elizabeth II was brought from Westminster Hall to the historic Westminster Abbey Church, where her official funeral would take place on September 19.

The official ceremony was held at Westminster Abbey Church with the participation of approximately 2,000 people, including many high-ranking government officials from around the world.

After the ceremony, Queen Elizabeth’s coffin was taken to Windsor, where she would be buried, and the burial was carried out with a private family ceremony in St. It was held in St. George’s Chapel.

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