The cost of the hike to the lowest pension became clear

In the Planning and Budget Committee of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, the negotiations on the Law on the Contribution of Honor Pensions to Those Who Have Been Given the Medal of Independence, bearing the signatures of AK Party Group Chairman İsmet Yılmaz, Deputy Chairman Binali Yıldırım and group deputies, and on the Draft Law Amending Some Laws and Decrees with the Force of Law. .

AK Party Group Deputy Chairman Mustafa Elitaş made a presentation to the commission on the impact analysis of the proposal, which includes the lowest pension and cadre arrangement for temporary workers.

It has become clear that the government’s decision to increase the minimum pension amount from 5 thousand 500 TL to 7 thousand 500 TL will burden the budget with 120.8 billion TL.

According to the impact analysis report presented to the members of the commission, the cost of increasing the Eid bonus, which is paid to retirees twice during Ramadan and Sacrifice Feasts, from 1,100 TL to 2 thousand TL, will be 24.9 billion TL for the 2023 budget.

According to the report, the total cost of all the arrangements in the bag proposal will reach TL 149.3 billion.

Erdogan had announced

Explaining that the minimum pension will be 7 thousand 500 liras in a TV program he attended last week, Erdoğan said, “We have done our work on retirees. We determined this figure with our Ministry of Labor and Social Security, Ministry of Treasury and Finance. It is up to me to explain again. Let me give you the good news here tonight. We are explaining this as 7 thousand 500 liras here tonight,” he said.

The legislative proposal for the legal regulation required for the increase in question was submitted to the Parliament, and then the negotiations started.

The explanation regarding the cost of the increase, which is still being discussed in the commission, was also discussed in the commission.

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