The demand for ‘TMO should take the grain from the field in the earthquake zone’

Yunus Kılınç, Member of the Board of Directors of the Union of Chambers of Agriculture of Turkey (TZOB) and Chairman of Yazıhan Chamber of Agriculture, in Malatya, where the earthquakes in Kahramanmaraş caused great destruction on 6 February, the press members operating in the container, accompanying Battalgazi, Arguvan, Doğanşehir, Hekimhan and Akçadağ districts. visited with the heads of agricultural chambers.

Stating that the Malatya farmer suffered great damage in the earthquake, Kılınç said that they did not give up production, as they did during the epidemic, and that they continued production.

Stating that the harvests of barley, wheat and lentils have started, many warehouses were destroyed in earthquakes, and they placed the belongings of their relatives whose houses were destroyed in the warehouses that were not demolished in the villages, Kılınç said:

“We have no warehouse left to put a handful of grains. There will be a harvest. Now we will harvest this wheat. Where will we put it? Where will we store it in terms of safety? It’s raining every day. Where are we going to dump this harvest? TMO needs to make purchases as soon as possible. Especially if there is an earthquake. We do not have a chance to pour it directly from the field to the office or to another place while making purchases in the region.”

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