“The financial situation is suitable for the indexation of the Qatari riyal to the dollar”

In his speech at the Qatar Economic Forum held for the third time in the capital, Doha, Qatar Central Bank Governor, Bandar bin Mohammed bin Saud Al Sani, stated that the liquidity policy in the USA is in line with the Qatari economy and finances. Al Sani said that now is the right environment for the Qatari riyal to be indexed to the dollar.

Pointing out that global inflation affected the last year in many countries, Al Sani stated that inflation reached the highest level in decades, but there has been an improvement in the inflation rate in recent months.

Al Sani stated that the balance between price stability, development and financial stability should be ensured.

The Qatar Economic Forum, which was held for the third time in Doha, the capital of Qatar, started yesterday with the participation of more than 2,000 people from the world’s leading economy.

Organized in Doha in collaboration with Bloomberg Media Group, the forum will end on May 25.

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