The news of the increase in the deposits of the banking sector

Weekly money and bank statistics were published by the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey (CBRT).

Accordingly, total deposits in the banking sector (including between banks) increased by 129 billion 606 million 622 thousand liras in the week ending March 10 and rose to 9 trillion 910 billion 563 million 328 thousand liras.

In the same period, TL deposits in banks increased by 1.5 percent to 5 trillion 542 billion 460 million 674 thousand liras, and foreign currency (FX) deposits increased by 0.8 percent to 3 trillion 985 billion 760 million 103 thousand liras.

While the total FX deposits in banks were 221 billion 34 million dollars last week, 187.6 billion dollars of this amount was collected in the accounts of residents.

Looking at the change in total FX deposits of domestic residents, an increase of 1 billion 179 million dollars was observed as of March 10, adjusted for parity effect.

The amount of installment commercial loans increased

Consumer loans in deposit banks increased by 2 percent last week to 1 trillion 165 billion 901 million 185 thousand liras. In the same period, commercial loans with installments increased by 1.1 percent to 897 billion 862 million 872 thousand liras, and the balance of credit cards increased by 0.7 percent to 748 billion 884 million 549 thousand liras.

Consumer loans in deposit banks consisted of 342 billion 90 million 309 thousand liras for housing, 46 billion 412 million 18 thousand liras for vehicles and 777 billion 398 million 858 thousand liras for other loans.

The total loan volume of the banking sector, including the CBRT, increased by 78 billion 975 million 303 thousand liras in the week ending March 10 and reached 7 trillion 875 billion 304 million 616 thousand liras. Total loan volume increased by 52.4 percent compared to the same period of the previous year.

Decline in CBRT reserves

Foreign currency deposits increased by $1.13 billion

The amount accumulated in KKM and participation accounts has increased

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