The number of investors in the stock market exceeded 4.5 million


According to the data of the Central Registry Agency (MKK), the number of investors in the Stock Exchange exceeded 4.5 million as of April 12.

The total number of investors, which was 3.95 million as of Friday, April 7, increased by 580 thousand in 3 days this week. Thus, the number of investors has increased by approximately 750 thousand since the beginning of the year.

As of December 31, 2022, the number of investors was recorded as 3.78 million. The number of investors entering the stock market in 2022 was 1 million 427 thousand 457.

While individual investor interest in public offerings continues unabated, the number of investors continues to rise. In Borsa Istanbul, where 40 new public offerings took place last year, a total of 12 public offerings were held this year. In the public offering of Europower Enerji, approved by the CMB, the process of collecting bids continues.

The demand for the Koza Polyester IPO went down in history as an ‘investor’s record’

While 1 million 850 thousand 176 investors participated in the public offering of Koza Polyester Sanayi ve Ticaret AŞ shares, which was held between 5-6-7 April 2023, shares were distributed to 1 million 729 thousand 153 investors. had come. As a result of the record demand, 1 million 729 thousand 153 investors became partners of Koza Polyester and this number was recorded as a record number of participation in the public offering in the history of Turkey.

The book-building process regarding the public offering of CVK Maden İşletmeleri Sanayi ve Ticaret AŞ shares was held on 06 April 2023 and 07 April 2023. Shares were distributed to 1 million 452 thousand 252 investors. The demand for the public offering was 4.67 times, that is, 4 billion 493 million 769 thousand liras.

Both shares, whose public offering book-building and distribution process has been completed, started trading on the stock market today, while the book-gathering process in Europower Enerji’s public offering continues. The total number of lots to be distributed in the Europower public offering was announced as 50 million lots. While 80 percent share was allocated to individual investors in the distribution, it was announced that 10 million shares, which will be subject to additional sales, will be distributed to individual investors, with the update made to 50 million lots in bookkeeping with the change made in the prospectus the previous day.

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