“The rate of female employees in the banking sector has exceeded 50%”

Alpaslan Çakar, Chairman of the Board of the Banks Association of Turkey, congratulated women on the occasion of March 8, International Women’s Day, and shared the current data in this area by mentioning the importance of women’s employment in the banking sector.

Mentioning that women’s employment is one of the priorities of sustainable social and economic development, Alpaslan Çakar, Chairman of the Board of the Banks Association of Turkey, said, “We are aware of the importance of women’s employment for the sustainable development and growth of our country. Together with our Union and our banks, we continue our work with the awareness that gender equality is a must in every aspect of society. The fact that more than 50 percent of the employees in the banking sector are women is an indicator of this awareness in our sector.”

Stating that the Banks Association of Turkey has kept statistics about the sector and shared them with the public since the day it was founded, Çakar said, “Thanks to these statistics and data, we closely follow the demographic structure of the banking sector employees. The rate of female employees, which was 27 percent in 1963, exceeded 50 percent by the end of September 2022. Our Association also has a demographic structure similar to the industry. 52 percent of our employees are women,” he said.

Our industry continues to support women entrepreneurs

Pointing out that banks carry out many important projects to protect and develop women’s employment and to support women entrepreneurs, Çakar said, “Our banks encourage their participation in economic activities by supporting women entrepreneurs with special lending practices; counseling services, encouragement programs and trainings to inspire and support women.”

The rate of female managers is increasing

Çakar pointed out that there is an ongoing increase in the rate of female employees in the senior management levels of banks; He pointed out that while the rate of women in the positions of chairman of the board of directors, board member, general manager and assistant general manager was 12 percent in 2013, it has increased by 7 points to 19 percent today, and there are 129 women in senior management positions. Çakar pointed out that the education level of women working in the sector is also high; reported that 93 percent of female employees have a bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree.

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