The regulation increasing civil servant salaries and pensions is in the Official Gazette.

According to the law, an additional payment of 8 thousand 77 liras will be made to all civil servants in the amount to be found by multiplying the indicator number of 15 thousand 965 with the monthly coefficient of civil servants. This payment will not be subject to any tax and insurance premium deductions, except for stamp duty.

This payment will not be taken into account in the calculation of salary, salary, raise, compensation, allowance, revolving fund payment, bonus and any other payment element that is paid in accordance with the relevant legislation or taken as a basis in the determination of financial and social rights. The aforementioned came into force with effect from today.

Pension Fund, Bağ-Kur and SSK retirees will receive a 25 percent increase in total for 6 months of the year, together with the inflation difference. The regulation entered into force as of today, to be implemented as of July.

Within the scope of the law, an additional MTV will be applied for one time only to be used to meet the financing need arising in order to reduce the effects of the Kahramanmaraş-centered earthquake on February 6th.

All vehicles, including automobiles, buses, trucks, vans, airplanes and helicopters, which are registered and registered on the date of publication of the regulation, and all vehicles that will be registered and registered until 31 December 2023 will be within the scope of additional MTV. Additional MTV will be equal to the amount of accrued MTV for 2023. Additional MTV will be accrued in two equal installments, the first installment will be paid by the end of August, and the second installment will have to be paid by the end of November. The additional MTV for the vehicles that will be registered and registered for the first time between the publication date of the law and 31 December 2023 will be paid in cash together with the MTV of these vehicles.

Due to earthquakes in Kahramanmaraş, in places declared “force majeure” by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance within the scope of Tax Procedure Law, registered and registered vehicles as of the earthquake date, vehicles belonging to the owners of buildings destroyed or severely or moderately damaged due to earthquakes, Vehicles that have become unusable and vehicles belonging to taxpayers who have lost their spouse or one of their first-degree blood relatives due to the earthquake will be exempted from the additional MTV.

Legal infrastructure was organized for entitlement applications in the earthquake zone

By law, the announcement that those who want to be granted a construction loan or have a building constructed in places considered as disaster areas effective for the general life due to the earthquakes that took place on February 6, will be announced on the local local authority and on the official website of the Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency. .

With the approval of the Minister of Culture and Tourism, resources can be transferred from the revolving fund budget to the general budget for the restoration or reconstruction of movable or immovable cultural assets, which are within the scope of the Law on the Protection of Cultural and Natural Assets, and destroyed due to earthquakes, floods, landslides, avalanches, fires and similar natural disasters.

Delivery and services to professional organizations in the nature of public institutions due to the construction of houses to be donated to disaster victims within the scope of the protocol signed with the Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency in places considered as disaster areas effective for general life due to the earthquake will be exempt from VAT until 31 December 2024.

In places that are considered as disaster areas that affect general life due to earthquakes in Kahramanmaraş, the places that may be industrial areas for one year from the date of the announcement of the disaster area, taking into account criteria such as the distance to the fault line, the suitability of the ground and the proximity to the settlement center, are determined by the Ministry by taking the opinion of the relevant institutions according to the situation of the area. will be done. The determined places will be determined as industrial areas by the decision of the President.

Net debt usage amount will be applied as 3 times

The net debt utilization amount determined to meet the additional financing need arising from the reduction of the economic and social effects of the earthquakes in Kahramanmaraş and to keep the Treasury cash reserve at a strong level will be applied as 3 times the net debt utilization amount increased by the Minister of Treasury and Finance and the President for 2023.

The law also changed the President’s authority to increase or decrease the SCT rates on fuel, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, and tobacco products.

The fixed tax amounts included in the fuel-related list or the latest fixed tax amounts determined by the President of the Republic, are determined by the rate of change in the domestic producer price index announced by the Turkish Statistical Institute in the last 6 months, effective from the date of the announcement of this change. will be redefined.

In order to support employers to protect and increase employment by reducing labor costs, the period of the minimum wage support given every year until the end of June 2023 has been extended. Accordingly, in July – December 2023, employers will be provided with a minimum wage support of 16.66 lira per day, 500 lira per day, by deducting from the insurance premium they will pay, financed by the Unemployment Insurance Fund, in order to reduce labor costs in order to support employment. The regulation entered into force with effect from 1 July 2023.

With the exception of the income obtained by corporations from venture capital investment fund participation shares and the shares of venture capital investment trusts, the exemption provided for income obtained from other investment funds and the corporation tax exemption granted to earnings from real estate sales have been abolished.

While the corporate tax rate of 20 percent on corporate income was increased to 25 percent, companies within the scope of the Financial Leasing, Factoring, Financing and Savings Financing Companies Law, electronic payment and money institutions, authorized foreign exchange institutions, asset management companies, capital market institutions and insurance and reinsurance companies. The 25 percent corporate tax on corporate earnings of companies and pension companies has been increased to 30 percent.

With the law, the corporate tax rate, which is applied with a discount of 1 point to the earnings of the exporting institutions exclusively from exports, will be applied with a discount of 5 points in order to encourage exports.

The regulation limiting the increase in housing rents to 25 percent has been extended for 1 year.

Family health workers will be selected from among the personnel of the ministry or other public institutions and organizations, which are approved by the Ministry of Health and approved by the family physician by taking the opinion of the family physician, and will be employed on a contractual basis. The decision of the Constitutional Court to annul the phrase “reasons requiring termination of the contract” in the Family Medicine Law entered into force on 5 May. In line with this decision, the issues regarding disciplinary penalties and termination of the contract were also rearranged by the Law.

As of July 31, convicts on Kovid-19 leave will not return to prison for 5 years or less, and will not spend their remaining time on probation. under he will execute. Those convicted of terrorism and organized crimes will not be able to benefit from the arrangements for early departure to open penitentiary institution or early release to probation.

According to the law, the regulation that limits the rental price to be applied in residential rents to 25 percent has been extended until July 1, 2024.

In order to prevent the spread of the Kovid-19 disease in Turkey, a regulation was made for the return of administrative fines imposed under the law and collected before 9 November 2022.

In the places affected by the Kahramanmaraş-centered earthquakes, the works and procedures for the on-site reconstruction of the structures that were found to be moderately damaged and above were determined.

The owners will be given a grant for a residence and a workplace, and a construction loan if they request it, taking into account the aid provided within the scope of the Law on Aids to be Made with Measures to be Taken Due to Disasters Affecting Public Life. The Treasury will cover the construction cost of the shares registered in the name of the Treasury, since an agreement could not be reached or he could not be reached.

The areas to be established in order to meet the housing needs of the earthquake victims, such as forest-qualified areas and olive groves and olive fields, were limited with a sketch. In case of necessity and in the absence of any other area, in the villages and rural areas where the site selection has not been completed yet, forest-qualified areas can also be used in the provinces, not exceeding one thousand square meters per beneficiary.

According to the regulation made to meet the need for minor specialists in Turkey, physicians will be able to participate in assistantship exams and start specialization training in order to do specialization training before starting or completing their state service obligations. In order to start education in a minor or in more than one specialization, at least half of the civil service obligation period must be completed.

The law clarifies the wage and compensation indicators to be paid to ambassadors working in the central organization of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Regulations were also made regarding the education period of military students taught in foreign state military schools.

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