The request for a price hike in Istanbul was rejected

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Assembly İSKİ General Assembly was held at the city hall in Saraçhane under the chairmanship of Zeynel Abidin Okul, the 1st Deputy Chairman of the Assembly.

In the General Assembly, besides the discussion of İSKİ’s audit and activity reports for the year 2022, it was also proposed to discuss some items that include the tariff proposals of İSKİ General Directorate for the price of water sales and disposal of used water.

There are three tiers

In the proposal of İSKİ, it was envisaged to change the 1st level, which is between 0-15 cubic meters in the house, to 0-12 cubic meters. The current price, which is 14.61 liras up to 12 cubic meters in the 1st level, is 16.50 liras with an increase of 12.94 percent, the price that is 21.95 liras up to 24 cubic meters in the 2nd level is 24.90 liras with an increase of 13.44 percent, and 25 percent in the 3rd level. It was suggested that the price, which is 21.95 liras for cubic meters and above, should be 32.70 liras with an increase of 48.97 percent.

In the proposal, it was envisaged to switch to a gradual system in the workplace. In this context, the price that was 39.30 liras at the 1st level between 0-15 cubic meters at the workplace is 45 liras with an increase of 14.50 percent, the price which was 39.30 liras at the 2nd level between 16-50 cubic meters, is 49.50 liras with an increase of 25.95 percent, It was requested that the price, which was 39.30 liras in the 3rd level between 51-100 cubic meters, was 54 liras with an increase of 37.40 percent, and 39.30 liras for 101 and above cubic meters was 58.70 liras with an increase of 49.62 percent.

In the voting held in the Assembly, the request to discuss the additional proposals of the General Directorate of İSKİ, including the tariff proposals for the price of water sales and disposal of used water, was rejected by a majority of votes.

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